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What is the difference between a responsive and mobile-friendly website?

A responsive website is a website that works seamlessly across all the devices. All the elements of the website (images, texts, designs) adapt to the different screen sizes and render an optimal experience.

Whereas, a mobile-friendly website adapts to the size of the mobile device.
However, it hinders the usability of the website even on the mobiles as nothing but the scale of the site changes. This leads to a less functional website on devices of different sizes.

Most people access the internet using a mobile device. Hence, a mobile-friendly site is essential. However, we recommend going with a responsive website. All responsive websites are mobile-friendly but not all mobile-friendly sites are responsive.

Do you create SEO-friendly websites?

Yes. Every website that we create is SEO-friendly. We consider SEO parameters before and during the process of website development to ensure it complies with the search engine algorithms and helps you rank better.

Do you offer customization in the existing website themes?

Yes! We understand that no two businesses are the same. Thus, we provide customization within the existing website themes as well to match your specifications. Our end goal is to ensure that the website reflects your brand’s professionalism within your specified budget.

What kind of web applications have you created?

With our 15+ years of experience in the IT industry as professional web developers, we have worked with businesses worldwide belonging to diversified industry verticals. Some of our touted projects include eCommerce websites, CMS, multi-vendor eCommerce applications, MLS systems, real estate websites, B2C and B2B websites, and more.

Which are your preferred technologies for web development?

There are multiple development technologies that we have worked with. However, the highly popular ones using which we have developed most of our client’s applications are - PHP, ReactJS, and NodeJS.

Some of the greatest websites that were built using these technologies include Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, PayPal, and Netflix.

UI/UX Design

What is the difference between UI and UX design?

The primary difference is that the UX (User Experience) design is about the website’s functionality and experience whereas the UI (User Interface) design is about making the website more interactive and beautiful like visual design elements.

As opposed to what many think, UI and UX go hand to hand and one can’t substitute for the other if your end goal is to make the website wholesome for the user.

Do you follow brand guidelines?

Yes. We begin by understanding the scope of work and the client’s specifications (like branding colors, fonts, guidelines, etc.) before jumping to the next step. This ensures we are going in the right direction from the outset.

In addition, we involve the client in every step. This helps eliminate any miscommunication and keeps everything in line.

I have a great website design. Do I still need to invest in UX?

Let’s understand this with the analogy of a house. When we think of constructing a house, a lot of planning goes into the process - from detailing to projecting. This is followed by deciding the look and feel of the house.

The same is with website development. UX is the foundation of your web application. Without proper planning, your app is likely to collapse. A design may attract users but only a great experience will convert them into customers.

Mobile App

Difference between cross-platform and native application development?

Native applications are built for a specific platform in the language that the platform is compatible with. Whereas, Cross-platform applications run seamlessly across multiple platforms. Since the most popular operating systems are iOS and Android, most cross-platform apps are limited to these two platforms.

If your app caters to a platform-specific audience, it is best to go for a Native application. However, today most businesses prefer cross-platform applications to expand their reach. You can talk to our experts to make the right decision.

I already have a website. Do I still need a mobile application?

Mobile users are growing at the rate of at least 2 percent per year (which equals millions of users). Moreover, a mobile application boosts impulsive purchases due to their capacity of acting more quickly than a website.

In addition, as mobile apps store data locally on the mobile device, they help save the user’s time by storing their preferences and showing them relevant information proactively. Hence, a mobile application is as essential (if not more) as a website. Plus, two are always better than one to get more efficient results.

I want to build a mobile application. Which platform is right for me - iOS or Android?

It depends on a lot of factors like:

  • Your budget
  • Your target audience
  • Your product

You must do the market research, assess your competitors and audience to come to the right conclusion.

However, if you can’t decide on any one platform, it is always better to go for a cross-platform application that works seamlessly on multiple platforms. This is a more affordable and convenient option.

Our experts are more than happy to assist you and advise you on the best option.

What if I need customization in the app once it is developed and made live?

As your application developer, iWeb Synthesis considers your every request and makes the changes to the application before launching it. If there are any minor adjustments or there is a problem related to the app’s functionality, we are available to help you resolve it 24/7.

However, once the application is launched with your approval, customization isn’t possible. Your request for customization then will be treated as a new project and you will be charged accordingly.

Can I also get a mobile website developed at iWeb Synthesis?

Yes, we design mobile websites as well as responsive websites that are functional and aesthetic.

We have worked on a variety of mobile website development projects that it is safe to say that we are the doctors of websites. Whether your website needs a revival, revamp, or need to be designed from the ground up, we can help.


What is a CMS? Why do I need a CMS?

CMS is a Content Management System that enables you to add, edit, or delete content on the website without disturbing the site’s code. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive system that can be operated by anyone without possessing the technical know-how.

Whether you are a small business who can’t afford an in-house developer or an enterprise who wants to cut down on unnecessary costs, CMS is always a great option to manage your website especially when it frequently needs content updates.

It also comes with varying levels of user-permissions that allow different people to manage different website parts.

When is the right time for CMS development?

Here are a few reasons to consider getting a new CMS

Your existing CMS:

  • is too slow
  • is high-maintenance
  • doesn’t support the redesign
  • needs frequent custom development

Which is the best CMS platform for my business website?

There is a wide range of CMS platforms out there and it can be confusing to decide the right one. Certain things to consider are - ease of use, cost, add-ons, and extensions.

The most popular open-source CMS platform is WordPress which powers approximately 35% of the websites. This is closely followed by Drupal (known for its scalability and security), Shopify, and Magento. We offer services for all the above CMS platforms. Our experts can help you decide on the ideal one based on your requirements.

Why should I hire iWeb Synthesis for my CMS development?

iWeb Synthesis brings to the table 15+ years of experience in CMS development.
This means, we comprehend the client’s requirements quickly and know what will and won’t work.

Based on your specifications, we can also advise you on the best CMS platform because we have worked with them all. We are well-aware of the nuances of each CMS platform which only comes with experience and knows which is the right one to power your virtual business.

Well, don’t go by what we say. Talk to our experts and decide for yourself.


What is SEO and why is it important for my website?

In the simplest terms, Search Engine Optimization is a set of user-friendly techniques that you should implement on your website to make your website more interactive and intuitive for your users.

Almost 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine. This makes SEO inevitable for your website if you wish to get in front of the people who are looking for a business like yours. This is also highly effective for local businesses as there has been an immense increase among local mobile searches on the internet.

I have an SEO-friendly website. Do I still need SEO services?

Having an SEO-friendly website is one of the most significant ranking parameters of search engines, but that is not it.

SEO services typically include two parts - on-page and off-page optimization.
On-page refers to making changes on the website to make it search engine-friendly. But the other side is off-page optimization - which refers to activities done outside the website to raise the ranking. This includes building backlinks, listing the business on various directories, encouraging customer reviews, etc. that would help build the online credibility. It is equivalent to virtual word-of-mouth.

If your website is SEO-friendly, your next step should be to focus on building its reliability on the other websites to increase its authority and eventually rank.

How much time will my website take to achieve the top rankings on search engines?

There are over 200 factors that come into play for determining your website’s rank.
The SEO is a continuous process of monitoring and optimizing to understand what will work for your website, market, and niche. Besides, once your website is on the top, it doesn’t guarantee that it is to stay.

If anyone promises you that they could bring your website to the #1 position on Google, don’t believe them. Regardless of how experienced, a person is, no one can guarantee when the website will rank. Besides, search engines constantly update search algorithms to make results as useful as possible.

Why do search engine rankings change frequently?

The primary reason for fluctuations in the ranking is because search engines constantly update their algorithms.

Besides, it’s all about the content you upload. The more informative and beneficial your content is, the better it is for your ranking. Hence, you must revamp your content regularly and keep an eye on the competitors.

I already do PPC. Do I still need to do SEO?

PPC is the type of paid advertisement that appears on Google SERPs at the top and grabs the attention of users in the quickest way possible. However, it is not a feasible long-term strategy as it is more expensive.

SEO helps you rank organically and it is a better long-term strategy. It would attract significant traffic once you rank on the first page of Google. The only thing you need is consistency and patience as it is a gradual process.

PPC is in no way a substitute for SEO. To derive the best result, you can complement both.


The module I need is not integrated yet. Can you help with it?

Yes. We can help integrate any number of modules you need with your application.

Do you develop enterprise-level solutions?

We have worked with businesses of all sizes from start-ups to enterprises, and delivered bespoke WHMCS solutions for their business application. You can share your requirements via the contact form or shoot an email at

Is it possible to customize the installation of WHMCS?

The primary advantage of WHMCS is its ability to incorporate customization. It has been designed keeping in mind flexibility and the unique needs of different users.
Hence, any level of customization is possible in WHMCS.

I have an idea for a module. Can you custom-design it?

Yes. We can customize everything related to WHMCS and bring your vision to life.

What features does WHMCS support?

WHMCS supports a variety of features like billing and invoicing, integrated payments methods, cPanel, domain and hosting packages, and so much more.
WHMCS has got you covered for almost all kinds of functionalities you need for your application.

If you have any specific requirements, we can custom design the WHMCS module for you.


If I hire a developer, does it mean that developer will be dedicated to my project?

Yes. When you request a dedicated developer for your project at iWeb Synthesis, that developer will work solely on your project as an extended part of your team.
We deliver what we promise. Nothing more and nothing less!

What is the main benefit of hiring a developer from iWeb Synthesis?

Every developer at iWeb Synthesis is a well-trained professional with at least 5 years of experience in the industry. This means that you will receive an expert’s service at the most competitive prices. We are committed to delivering quality within the committed timeline.

Which hiring models do you follow?

We have an on-demand hiring model. Whether you want a dedicated resource, a team of dedicated resources on an hourly or project basis, we go above and beyond to meet your requirements.

After finalizing the deal, we will send you an agreement to cement our relationship and work on the preplanned hiring model.

How will I be reported when I hire a developer from your team?

The developer allotted to you will report to you on a daily or weekly basis as decided in our agreement.

The only problem most clients face from us is overcommunication. We believe in involving the client and keeping him/her up-to-date about every detail to keep everyone on the same page.

Do you have any fixed contract duration?

We do not have any fixed contract duration. It completely depends on your requirements. The decided tenure or duration of the contract shall be mentioned in the agreement once the deal is finalized.

Once the mentioned tenure is over, the contract can always be renewed on-demand basis.